• Rookie/Stepper Meeting
    Date: Tuesdays after school (Last club of the year: 12th December) Location: Dunoon Grammar School Age: S2-S3 (Steppers) and S4-S6 (Rookies) Cost: Free Leader Contact: Susan Whyte More Information: Are you a Stepper or Rookie or wish to become one? Come along to our training to explore more of what it […]
  • Thursday Night Club
    Date: Thursdays from 7 pm to 9 pm (Last club of the year: 21st December) Location: Dunoon Baptist Church Age: S1-S6 Cost: £1 Leader Contact: Susan Whyte More Information: An eXp classic has been reimagined! To find out more, visit our Facebook or Instagram pages. If your young person wishes […]
  • M.A.D. Club
    Date: Tuesday Lunchtimes (Last club of the year: 19th December) Location: Dunoon Grammar School Age: S1-S6 Cost: Free Leader Contact: Jack McGinnigal More Information: Do you like playing games, hanging out with friends, and getting up to all sorts of wacky activities? Do you enjoy making a difference? This is […]
  • School of Music
    The eXp School of Music is an initiative started to help young people learn how to play new instruments and improve on instruments they already know. They have many opportunities to record and play live as part of our eXp House Band.