LORD, let me be an instrument,
An instrument conducted by the almighty conductor,
As part of a worldwide orchestra,
Playing forever, the symphony of salvation,
Composed by the great composer,
Who composed the choral of love and life,
Jesus Christ.

Help me to read the music you set out for your orchestra,
Often practicing.
Help me never to be nervous in performing your music, LORD,
For you are with me, conducting me.

Help me never to accept the glory as my own,
But bring glory to the one who made it,
The one who made me.

As your harmonies and melodies are played out,
As your rhythms and silences weave their way through my life,
Let me share it with others.

“What are you listening to?” They might ask.
“Well, it’s just the best piece of music ever.”
“What’s it called?” They ask.

“The Symphony of Salvation”