Life itself has a name:
The one who died and rose again,
Who endured the cross and scorned its shame,
Lord Jesus Christ, we thank you that you came.

We thank you Lord, for your life on earth,
Bringing forth reconciliation and new-birth,
Into the kingdom of God, to whom we give thanks,
To be welcomed into the heavenly ranks.

We deserve it not, no glory nor glee,
We do deserve pain for eternity,
But Lord you lived and died to save,
Our wandering souls from that shadowy grave.

To you we cry, and to you we pay homage.
For you we die and are rescued from bondage.
Slaves to sin, Lord, we all were,
But because of your sacrifice, we all concur,
That you, alone, Lord rescue us,
You alone, Lord, you are strong.

You return us home and sing
Within us heaven’s song, victory over sin.
A song of love, of joy, of peace;
Of kindness, of goodness, of faithfulness, release;
Of gentleness, of self-control, of patience, too.
Our Lord, our God, our saviour, praise be to you.