What is prayer?

Prayer is part of our relationship with God. 

Prayer is a ‘second word’ – a response to God’s first word to us. 

That first word may be something wonderful and we respond in thanks and praise.

That first word may be something difficult and hard to bear, and we respond in anger and despair.

That first word may be confusing and unsettling, and so we respond with questions and wonderings.

So, prayer is a way we grow. We grow more like the person God wants us to be. 

We can pray in so many ways.

To begin, simply be honest with God. Write your prayers, say them aloud, say them quietly inside. It doesn’t matter what it is just be honest with God about your love life, about your fears, your hopes, about a noisy neighbour or the refugees from Syria. 

Although prayer is personal it is not something we do alone. 

If you want to talk to someone and/or pray with someone please feel free to contact us.

The following are further resources you may find helpful:

Request Prayer

It would be our privilege to pray for people or situations in your life, as we believe God hears and answers all of our prayers.  We welcome prayer requests from people of any age from anywhere in the world.

The eXp staff team meet weekly for team prayers and also pray daily for our young people, events and other prayer requests given to us and we will include your prayer requests in our prayer times.

If you ask for us to do so, we can also share your prayer request on our Facebook page, where our young people, families and supporters can also join in prayer.

Please send your prayer request, giving any information you feel is appropriate, and indicating if you wish the request to be kept private (staff only) or made public.  Remember that God already knows the nature and details of your situation, so do not feel that you need to go into too many details. 

It would be wonderful – but not essential – if you would keep us informed about the prayer request.  It would be encouraging to know if we need to persevere in more prayer, or if we can give thanks to God for answered prayer!

If you would like to send in your prayer requests, please send in your request through the following form: