January 2020 Deep Impact Conference

WHO? – Susan, Robert, Christopher, Blair, Alan, Holly, Mae and Jess.

We are all booked in for another year at the Deep Impact conference in January 2020! This will be a great weekend rubbing shoulders with other Christian Youth Workers from around the United Kingdom.  We are praying that this year, like all other years previously, will be full of insightful Workshops, great worship and information that our red hoodies can come away with and put into practice.

‘Monday Munch and Mullings’

We have started to run a meeting on one Monday a month, for our amazing ‘red hoodie’ volunteers! We take this time to eat good food, catch up with each other and brainstorm ideas for eXp events such as Friday Night Club. This is a productive and enjoyable time for everyone to come together and relax as a team.

We have recently introduced a book to our volunteers. Storylines: Your map to understanding the bible by Andy Croft and Mike Pilavachi. This is a great resource for looking at some stories in the bible in a completely different way. It allows space at the end of each chapter in the book for note-taking and to write out our own answers to questions being asked. This will hopefully build bible knowledge among our team and also assist in everyone’s personal faith. We have started to go through this together as a team  

‘Spark weekend 2020’

We are very excited to be planning for our ‘spark’ weekend in February at the Ardroy outdoor learning centre. We will use this weekend to gather most of our red hoodie leaders to plan for exp summer camp 2020 and have a nice relaxing weekend of outdoor activities to say thank you to all of our volunteers. We recognise that at our summer camp at Benmore a lot of our leaders aren’t able to join in with activities such as kayaking, abseiling etc due to numbers, so this is a great time for us to let them go wild and have fun!

“Songs from the Croft” 2019

Year two of this adventure for young people who have been involved with the School of Music saw 8 young people staying residentially for the 3 nights 3 1/2 days and a further 3 young people coming for one day to record instruments and sing their parts in the 5 songs that were captured.  This was such an encouragement to young people and staff that we would like to find ways to do it more often throughout the year and capture some more young people with an interest in music and its production.  The weekend, like the School of Music, would not happen without the time and effort given by Gordon Whyte our volunteer music coordinator.  We have been blessed in this second year of the School of Music to have had opportunities to lead worship in a few churches on Cowal and at Barnards Court Mission in Greenock.  An 8 track CD is now available for sale from the eXp office!

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