You will need:

  • Young People
  • Zoom
  • The use of Zoom Whiteboard/Annotation functionality


This requires you to use the drawing feature on Zoom, which also requires quite a bit of set up beforehand (or just whenever you have very few students in the Zoom meeting with you). Here is how to set this up on a computer: Go into your “screen share” option at the bottom of Zoom and select “whiteboard” and “share”. Then, when you have got your green bar with your ID, hover over it which will bring up a menu. Click on the three dots that say “more” underneath it. Then, “disable attendee annotation” so that no one else can draw. You can also “show names of annotators” instead to allow others to still draw, but that you will also know WHO is drawing WHAT. (Because #teenagers.) When I first played this, we played “Bible Pictionary” and it was hilarious because of how difficult it is to draw on the whiteboard feature. 

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