You will need:

  • Young people
  • A deck of cards
  • Zoom


This game has always been a blast, and has never required us to be together, but it does need a few changes to use with Zoom. (If you’ve NEVER played, here are the general rules:

You will always have civilians, a mafia, a doctor, and a sheriff. In the Zoom modification, you will (as the host) randomly select students’ roles either with an actual deck of cards, or with whatever method you choose. Then, you can privately message each student their role. Then, you play like normal. You can mute everyone so that there isn’t any sound except for your voice, and then each student can privately message their answers to you (who the mafia wants to kill, who the doctor wants to save, who the sheriff accuses, and so on…). Then, when everyone wakes up, you can unmute them and let the fun begin!

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