You will need:

  • A leader
  • Young people
  • Paper
  • Pens


  • A leader chooses a topic (i.e. Food, Cars, brands, Countries etc.)
  • Each player must then write a word belonging to that category on their piece of paper. (if the topic was food, Player A could write “Apple”).
  • The leader then collects the words, shuffles them and reads them out, keeping the identity of whoever wrote the word secret.
  • The leader chooses a player to begin, who in turn calls out the name of another player and what word they think they are.
  • If they are wrong the person says no, but if they are correct the person states such and sits at the feet of the person who guessed/deduced correctly.
  • The correct guesser has now become the ruler of an Empire. This same process goes around the circle gradually building up more empires.
  • If a player becomes part of another empire, they may then advise the ruler of that empire as to their guesses, but the ruler has the choice to listen.
  • If you are the ruler of an empire and your word has been correctly attributed to you, you and your empire must then sit at the feet of the one who guessed correctly.
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