Young People

All types of young people are involved with eXp, from S1 to S6. We begin working with them through primary schools and the Primary 7 transitions ‘On the Move’ programme and continue to grow with them. Boys and girls are equally involved but we probably have more boys than girls at the moment.

Here are some of their comments;
’eXp feels like home’
’At eXp club I talk to people I wouldn't normally talk to at school and I like the mix.’
’eXp is a safe place for me to come to.’
’I am more confident now because eXp has helped me.’
’I became a Christian through eXp.’


Rookies are our young leaders and are central to running eXp. You can spot them in their blue hoodies and we currently have 9 working with us - These are young people who have been involved with eXp for a few years and have shown an interested in leadership.  They move into the opportunity to be a Rookie by: showing a growth in confidence; the ability to be a positive influence as they are involved with eXp activities, projects and the wider community; being able to take direction in positive ways to engage with others and having a desire to problem solve and be helpful.  They recognise that being a Rookie places them in a leadership role in which they need to demonstrate being a positive role model for their peers.  It is challenging and encouraging - another piece of life's puzzle that will allow them to realise their true potential!


To give one's time and talent for a good cause is a special feeling indeed.  Our young people are a great cause and our volunteers invest in their future.  The generosity of heart and soul that comes from people who volunteer with eXp is our life-blood.

"Volunteers are the only people on the face of this earth who reflect this nations compassion, unselfish caring, patients and just plain loving one another" - E. Bombeck

If you would like to help out, please click here for ways you could get involved.

Trainee youth workers

Over the last 5 years we have provided trainee (apprentice) youth worker programmes, aimed at young people just leaving Dunoon Grammar School.  These young people are ready to take on more responsibilities which would enable them to have a greater impact on the youth in their communities and they have a desire to enhance the work of eXp as they move into adulthood. 

DGS Excite and work experience pupils

Over many years, we have developed a positive working relationship with DGS. Their work experience programme has provided young people who come to eXp an opportunity to work with us for a week in May.  The ‘Exite’ work experience programme lasts for a year, with S4 pupils joining us every Thursday. To date we have had the privilege of having 8 pupils taking advantage of this work experience programme.


The project is currently co-ordinated by Susan Whyte, who had worked with eXp in the past as a volunteer then paid remote/online worker.

Our current Part-time Youth Worker is Robert Dallow, who has progressed in eXp from Young person to various volunteer roles and now serves in a paid role.

We have a part-time administrator, Anne Armstrong, who runs our administration.

(For more information, See Meet the Team)

 Support Groups

eXp is supported and guided by two groups behind the scenes;

Council of Reference

The Council of Reference looks after our general directions, core values, staffing and financial commitments. As eXp is a SCIO, a charity, the CoRe also looks after our legal and financial reporting procedures.

Resourcing Group

The Resourcing Group finds the resources to make eXp work – volunteers, equipment, finance, prayers and anything else required!


Across the Council of Reference and Resourcing Group, there are 9 members in total: Robert Dallow (Dunoon Baptist Church), Christopher Brett (Kames Parish), Collin Adams (Dunoon Baptist Church), Cathy Montgomery (Retired School Headteacher), Ian Wherry (Kilmun Parish), Sheila Wherry (Kilmun Parish), Simon Richardson (Dunoon Baptist Church), Lucy Roper (Kames Parish) and Jim Anderson (Kirn/Sandbank Parish).