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eXp is a Christian youth work initiative working in Cowal.
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An eXperience To Remember

My Journey with eXp - 2011 and beyond
"I was a new first year student at High School in 2011 when I first encountered eXp. I was not a social child, so I found it difficult to make friends and engage with other students. I found myself asking a lot of life questions and not finding the answers to them. I met a youth worker, Paul, in school one day and he invited me to the school clubs and after school activities that eXp were running. His engagements with me helped me make the difficult step of choosing to go to these clubs and to attend the summer activity camp that eXp run every year, instead of staying isolated. With the support I received from eXp, I settled into a good group of friends. I became involved in drama, sport and music. All of this boosted my self-esteem so much that I began to see the potential for good that was ahead of me. I became a Christian during the second camp I attended. My on-going journey with eXp has built a desire in me to help other young people find their potential in life as I have."
My Journey with eXp - 2015 and beyond
"eXp is a fun place for me to go on a Friday night. I first went when I was in first year because my big brother goes as a Rookie. A Rookie is a young leader and I want to be one when I get to S4 next year. I like going on summer camp too where I do lots of exciting activities like canoeing or the music workshop or stain glass making. I also make lots of new friends there. The leaders are really kind and helpful, and they talk to me when I meet them at school, walking about in the lunchroom or in the learning centre. I go to the learning centre a lot and get help with my schoolwork. eXp helps me make friends, especially when other people are mean and won't talk to me because I am a bit different."
My story with eXp
"I had anger issues when I first got involved with eXp. When I first went to club, I was an angry a lot. So much bad stuff had happened in my life, like accidents and people dying. I didn't talk about all that stuff much with anyone, I was on a pretty self-destructive path. The leaders at the club were really patient with me and always listened when I would talk. One even gave me a challenge to go for a week without drinking energy drinks! I did it too! Over the years, I have made new friends and realised that I could be a different type of person to the one I thought I was. I liked the activities we did, they built up my confidence and helped me think about what is important to me. I am leaving school in the summer and the leaders helped me apply for college. I got a place doing sociology, criminology and psychology. It will be a challenge, especially as I will need to travel a lot. I will only be at college 3 days a week so I will stay involved with eXp as a volunteer. Maybe I can help someone else like I was helped."