Toby Sturgess

Hello everyone, my name is Toby Sturgess. I was part of eXp for 9 months from September 2018 – July 2019, during this time I was doing what is known as a life college course, which is a course, run by a company called Xpand, that helps students, that are coming out of Highers, to find a suitable career. Because youth work was an interest of mine I was placed with eXp as a placement over that time; I helped with many different sides of eXp first starting with their Friday night socials and then slowly moving on to work in the school to help with sports on Tuesdays and Mad club on Wednesdays. Working with eXp has been immensely important on my journey towards my goal of becoming a full-time youth worker; I am now at a Bible college called Regents where I am learning youth work alongside theology!