Paul Beautyman

I got involved with eXp from its beginning in 2009, helping set it up. I was in Edinburgh at the time and was employed by Church of Scotland to set up a youth project and help support young people in Cowal and across Argyll.

I currently work with Active Schools, helping schools get young people “more active, more often”, which means developing volunteers and helping young people run programmes. I do that three days a week. I also work for DGS, two days a week, supporting pupils who just need that extra support.

While I don’t work for eXp anymore, I’m still on the Resource group as a volunteer! The resource group helps the staff in running the excellent activities that they do. We supply the team with resources, volunteers, ideas.

Significant things in eXp are still going on!

The first thing for me is the MAD Club, which started in School. It is a great place of contacting young people and enabling them to get to know the eXp staff, starting a journey - for some leading to Christ - providing a great school experience and supporting and making a difference among young people as well as the school.

The second thing for me is the summer camp. This started in 2011 and was (and is) significant moment for a lot of people – staff, volunteers and young people alike in helping them explore the Christian faith - for some, committing to a Christian faith, and for some, having great experiences as part of a Christian community.

The third thing for me is Friday Night Club, which was set up to support young people to be in a safe way across Dunoon. It has run for a number of years and has been a significant place for young people to play games, chat, make friends, explore deeper issues in their own life, and the Christian faith, and from that has grown the School of music, which I’m thankful of the work of Gordon and Susan in that.

Another significant area of development for eXp, in my opinion, is the Rookies program, taking in young people who want to develop leadership skills, who have then gone on to help lead Friday Night Club and clubs in school, but the amazing things is that many of these then took on their Red hoodies after the Ardroy leaders’ weekends, and seeing rookies develop now into fully-blown red hoodie leaders, helping out in the resource group, leading summer camp activities, Friday Night Clubs or the G.A.P Girl’s Group has been one of the huge successes that eXp is developing now.