Jack McGinnigal

Jack McGinnigal is a youth worker for eXp. He works with our volunteers, heads some primary school work, and often goes into the grammar school at lunchtimes.

He has a degree in computer-aided mechanical engineering from Glasgow Caledonian University and worked as an engineer for a while but then pursued a wedding stationery business with his wife, which they have successfully run for 10 years. 

Jack hopes to show young people the truth about themselves, and help them know they have an incredible future to hope in.

He loves Jesus, coffee, hot sauce, reading, watching good films and good football matches.  He adores playing with his three children, Judah, Zeke and Suri Joy, and spending time with his wife, Lorna, with whom he has been married almost 11 years.  He loves barbecuing – if he could turn it into a profession, he would.

Jack may be contacted at:

Email: jack.mcginnigal@expyouthwork.org.uk

Mobile: 07733 131816