Established in 2009 by Revd Paul Beautyman, eXp is a Christian youth project for young people across Cowal. Supported by churches and funded by various wonderful organisations and grants, it is open to every young person in Cowal. We have a Christian core to our work, believing the words of Jesus when he said:

“I have come to bring life, life in all its fullness”

Jesus (John 10:10)

We do this by providing high-quality youth work that emphasises quality relationships, excellent programmes, and a high commitment to helping every young person who chooses to be involved realise their full potential. We meet young people where they are, out on the streets, in school, in the parks, at clubs and activities. We do not force the gospel but present it in a way that is both engaging and meaningful to young people.

We provide a wide range of opportunities that broaden the horizons of young people encouraging them to be more confident, think for themselves, engage positively with others, learn to be leaders and problem-solvers, be involved positively in their neighbourhoods, and keep moving in a positive direction as they grow and mature.

eXp Circle - a cycle, starting at the Introduction, then from Expand to Express, looping.
Introduction: Entry and Preparation.
Expand hours of contact
Experiences of God.
Explore these experiences.
Explain the gospel.
Experiment with the way of Jesus.
Express your faith in Jesus.

At the heart of eXp is an invitation:

  • For young people and children to make new friends, have great adventures, develop their potential, and explore the way of Jesus.
  • For parents and carers to share in the growth of their children.
  • For churches to help support, plan the work and share in the life of eXp.
  • For schools, youth clubs or other agencies to join us with young people and children – our common cause.

We work according to the eXp Circle, seeking to expand hours of contact with young people, provide experiences of God, explore these experiences with the young people, explain the gospel, experiment with the way of Jesus, and express faith in Jesus.

Summer Camp

All types of young people are involved with eXp, from S1 to S6. We begin working with them through primary schools and the Primary 7 transitions ‘On the Move’ programme and continue to grow with them. Boys and girls are equally involved but we probably have more girls than boys at the moment.

Here are some of their comments:

“eXp feels like home.”

“At eXp club I talk to people I wouldn’t normally talk to at school and I like the mix.”

“eXp is a safe place for me to come to.”

“I am more confident now because eXp has helped me.”

“I became a Christian through eXp.”