Welcome to eXp Youth Work Leaders Resources!  In this space we will strive to bring you a variety of tried and tested resources from games to helpful books,  study guides & videos.  If you have any suggestions just send us an email and it may be added to this space.

1.  eXp Red Hoodie Leaders are being encouraged to read 'StoryLines, Your Map to Understanding the Bible' by Andy Croft & Mike Pilavachi. It is insightfull and helps the reader understand the Old Testaments connection to the Jesus Story!  It is an easy read but have your Bible handy as you read because you will want to read the Scripture passages that go with each connection.

2.  'The Bible Project' is another great resource for understanding the Bible and it's themes.  The youtube videos are creative and excellent in helping to unveil the stories of each book of the Bible as well as some of the deeper content in God's letters to us.  They are short attention grabbing videos that leave you wanting to learn more.


'Peas pass the peas' a simple but fun relay race!

Need:  4 bowls, straws, dried peas

two teams each player has a straw, on the start side is a chair for each team with a bowl of dried peas (3 for each player on the team), on the finish side is a chair with an empty bowl for each team.  Each play must use the straw to pick up a pea, by sucking and maintaining the suction they then take the pea to the finish side and release it in their bowl and run back to tag and let the next player go - this is repeated until one of the teams start bowls is empty OR you can set a time and see at the end of it which team has managed to transfer the most peas!

PLEASE NOTE:  your dried peas must be bigger than your straw opening or someone may accidentally choke by sucking the pea up the straw!  So peas check your peas!