The project is co-ordinated by Reverend Paul Beautyman, who works part-time for eXp and part-time with Argyll Presbytery. He is a Church of Scotland minister with a long experience of setting up and running Christian youth work projects around Scotland.

Support Groups

eXp is supported and guided by two groups behind the scenes:

Council of Reference

The Council of Reference looks after our general directions, core values, staffing and financial commitments. As eXp is a SCIO, a charity, the CoRe also looks after our legal and financial reporting procedures. The trustees are Jim Anderson (Kirn Church), Paul Beautyman (Church of Scotland and Aoradh) Chris Brett (Kames Church), Bob Mitchell (Kirn Church) and Marilyn Shedden (Argyll Presbytery).

Resourcing Group

The Resourcing Group finds the resources to make eXp work – volunteers, equipment, finance, prayers and anything else required! The members are Collin Adams (Dunoon Baptist Church), Sharon Brennan (Innellan Church), Ian Wherry (Kilmun Church and Aoradh), Simon Richardson (Dunoon Baptist Church and Aoradh), Lucy Roper (Kames Church), Senga Wakefield and Paul Hobday (Dunoon Baptist Church).

For more information, see Who are we?


eXp is a youth work project working across Cowal, Scotland started by the Church of Scotland. For more information, please visit the About Us page.